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-=Season 2=- Light Weight Doubles

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Oct 16, 2011
It's 12/9 Mr Kung Fu What say you.......hey that rymes.


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Nov 30, 2010
Close of Season for this Weight. Points and belts will be awarded when all other weights are concluded.


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Apr 20, 2013
vuitton price
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ellipse PM M51127

Purses made from Reprocessed Clothing

This lens is about making purses and handbags from old denims, tops, skirts plus more.

Perhaps you bought a product but it didn't suits you or feel right, you kids outgrew their particular clothes, but the fabric is still great.

What do you do?

Make a purse on your own or a gift or maybe even to sell!

Your existing merchandise will be the basic structure of your bag.

To get a big bag, pick adult clothing. For the medium sized bag, select children's clothing.

For any smaller bag choose infant clothing or another clothing item.

It is very important start with good material. You will want clean, strong, fabric to make your purse from.

The red purse was made from a pair of female's size 14 corduroy slacks. The blue jean bag was made from a child's dimension 6 jeans.

Which i use the basic framework of the garment being the body of the handbag. But sometimes the fabric is great, but the structure with the garment is not adjustable to making a purse. If that's the case, you will more or less become starting from scratch. In that case, you will need to take the outfit apart and just use the fabric to cut and stitch a bag.

Here is a purse made from a fish tank top and adorned Cheap Louis Vuitton with iron on appliques and rhinestones.

Clicking on the image will take you to a lot more pictures and a opportunity to purchase this bag.

This shirt required a minimum of cutting to generate a purse. If I keep in mind correctly, I didn't cut it at all, but do seam the bottom and add some narrow stretchy for a gathered look to the bottom.

To make the tote hang right, My partner and i added snaps about the underarm area. These can be unsnapped for a a lot more roomy bag.

Totally lined with velcro closure.

This purse appeared from a pair of could shorts. the straps was the original elastic waistband. the fabric rose is a ponytail holder which has a button in the centre.

The purse is my original style, not using a professional pattern

When stitching the handle, my personal stitching went a bit wonky. So I decided the particular purse was not sale-able. Although I am sure it is something that no else might notice when the carrier is in use.

When re-using material, but not the basic framework of the garment, you will have to take the garment aside. I seam ripper will come in handy for this. Or you could just cut across the seam lines, and cut off the original seam. Once you have your useful fabric, press that with an iron about the appropirate heat setting.

Similar to making a sculpture, you must first cut absent anything that doesn't look like a purse.

For the denims purse, you will need to stop the legs. Cut just above the crotch seam. Remember on all pants, the back is a little larger than leading.

The back of your tote will be a little bigger the front. When stitching the bottom, match top and back genitals seams and the part seams.

Add a tiny gather in between so they really seams will stay matched up.

Decide whether to keep the waistband as the the surface of the purse or work off and use another band or holding. If you keep the waistband, you can use a belt, headscarf or ribbon with the loops to add an attractive touch.

You may want to keep the pockets or not. My partner and i look for jeans using pretty pockets, however, you can always add accessories.

On adding decorations; you Louis Vuitton Cheap will usually want to do which before you sew the particular purse.

This photo shows the back of they purse. You can see the miscroscopic bit of pouching created by any additional butt fabric.

Patterns for purses can be obtained but are quite pricey. This purse was developed from new cloth and a purchased design.

Decorations can be costly to buy. When you are looking for old clothing to generate your purse, look at your belt and jewelry clothing collection as well.

Belts and old jewelry make great purse decorations. Not only this thrift stores market old belts and also costume jewelry with regard to next to nothing.

The devices on the jeans handbags were purchased regarding 25 cents with the Salvation Army. The particular dangle on the jeans purse is a couple of old earings, they are mounted so they can be eliminated and worn.

The actual red guitar around the red purse can be a key chain, that can be removed and used for the initial purpose.

The t shirt purse is furnished with iron about appliques purchased at a yard sale. The butterfly is a old-fashioned pin that can be eliminated and worn as being a brooch if desired.

The button on the dark-colored purse is one I had created in stock. It was new but had not been utilized for one of my various other sewing projects.

We've purchases some knick knacks. The brads on the wallets of the purses were newly purchased accessories and I did buy tool to set pronged men and rhinestones, although they can be set without the instrument. The tool makes it easier.

Sewing a strap can be tricky.

Utilizing a purchased belt or even ribbon can caused it to be simpler.

The fish tank tap has it's own, built in straps. The jeans purse includes a belt for the band. The red tote has a strap made out of the leftover pants legs.

The vibrant purse has a band made from the waistband of the shorts. But that's where the stitching proceeded to go a little wonky.

The waist was too extensive and stretchy. We cut it down and bind the edges whilst it from extending, I used bias tape.

Sewing that filter proved to be a problem.

The image shows the wonky stitching where I had to hands stitch a couple of spots.

Depending on the design of your purse, it is frequently, best to sew around the strap before liner the purse.

Connectors tend to be the first part of the purse to go. Ensure it is firmly attached. Leap rings add a wonderful touch.

If using a belt, you might contemplate cutting it in half and utilizing the buckle component as the top of the straps to make the strap adjustable. It adds a nice decorative element also!

I line all my purses. It is not neccesary yet gives a finished seem. My linings are mostly new fabric. You can find new, still from the package, pillow instances, sheets and drape panels. These all make good lining material. It can be tricky to sewn the lining to the handbag. There are several ways to take action.

The easiest is to place your purse on the lining fabric and also cut around the bag. Leave extra textile for a seam allowance and to turn the top of the lining under. When the lining is seamed all around. Put the lining inside the purse, wrong part of lining for you to wrong side regarding purse, and sew to the purse at the pinnacle edge. You can equipment sew, but might find that with the manage and decorations, it's too thick to machine sew. In that case, hand stitching is the way to go.

There is a more complex way that gives a far more finished look. It requires leaving the bottom joint of the lining available. The lining will be pinned to the top level edge of the bag. Both the purse as well as the lining will be inside out, the lining is not inside purse at this point, but is outside the purse. Sew around the prime then pull the particular purse through the unsewn bottom, turning the bag and lining equally right side out. Then sew the lower shut.

Just a little term here about interlining. In the event you fabric doesn't have lots of body. For LV Outlet example, the particular colorful purse and the black purse, inter-lining can be utilized. In both cases, I used a gentle flannel. This gives the purse added energy and body. Lay the purse on the flannel and cut the actual fannel to the shape of the actual purse, adding joints allowances. You will need to collection your purse if you utilize and inter-lining. Pin and stitch the inter-lining to either the lining or the purse with the seams. The inter-lining is going to be completly hidden through the lining.

There are many approaches to add closure. Stitching on velcro is a good choice. Drawstrings can be good, depending on the final look you desire. You can purchase snaps or perhaps magnetic closures. Snaps may be tricky to attach well. Magnetic closures are expensive. To have an experienced sewer, you can contribute a zipper end. Buttons with cycle closures or buttonholes always add a decorative touch.

In case using velcro, don't be lured to use iron on or stick on, This simply won't stay on a fabric purse. Works well on vinyl though.

This is proving to be an easy tote to make.

I included some decoration along with plan to use a choker pendant with silver organizations and a star to help expand decorate. This will be attached through the front belt loops so it can be taken off and worn being a necklace.

I am employing a purchased ribbon gear in red whitened and blue celebrities to go through the strip loops.

I will be using a denim belt for your strap, using the bands that were intended to fasten the belt while jump rings to add it to the handbag.

I hope you have appreciated reading and been have inspired by my little lens about using recycling and new garments and fabric to produce your own unique, developer purse.

AND best of most you are the designer!
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