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#6 - Would you like to play MajCom on a phone or tablet?

Would you play MajCom on a phone or Tablet?

  • No - MajCom would not work on a small screen

    Votes: 9 12.2%
  • Maybe - In desperation. But I'll stay with the computer

    Votes: 25 33.8%
  • Yes - For sure! Mobile all the way!

    Votes: 42 56.8%

  • Total voters


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Oct 31, 2010
Don't own a tablet or smart phone...


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Sep 18, 2012
I wasn't interested in this before, because I didn't have a smartphone or a tablet. We travel often, but so far I had a laptop with me or went out looking for an internet café.

However, I purchased a Lumia with Windows on it lately, and I was pretty sure it would help me out on our last trip.

Well no, the games don't load, because there isn't (and won't be) any flash support for these devices. I tried to use the apps mentioned in this thread, photon and puffin, but those are, alas, not available for windows phone. I even downloaded a browser called maxthon which is supposed to be similar to puffin. It doesn't work either.

Does anyone know a way to play on a windows phone? Maybe there could be a wiki section with tips and advices for mobile users.

I figured out a workaround, though, you should connect remotely to your PC (if you have one) either with the free app teamviewer (mentioned here before by b1g4nf) or with microsoft remote desktop.

To do this, you need to have a powered on PC to connect of course, which I didn't have, and at 2 am in an alien city I ran out of ideas -- luckily, cardinalsrule and gtivan helped us out for these 2 days, so I don't complain.


Awesome Player
Jul 1, 2015
Sorry I don't have any tips for windows phones. But I must say being able to play on my iphone is awesome , I've just started and I've only played a few games, but I used the PUFFIN browser app for iphone, and apparently it is flash compatible, Its been great, my friend was texting me while i was at the beach and encouraging/nagging me to make my move, and I could do it no problem. 5 years ago a group of my friends & I played online risk on another web site and because we could only access it from our home computers and there was no turn time limits, there got to be a lot of increasingly nasty texts sent back and forth from people getting impatient with each other. So being able to play on the phone is great for easing those tensions.

Also I just wanted to say this site is terrific, kudos to everybody working on it, I will have to buy a premium membership or make a donation soon